Monday, March 10, 2008

Pretty Little Poppies

I have never been a red person. In fact, I don’t think you could find one stitch of red clothing in my closet if you looked. But lately, everything’s been coming up red poppies in the spring catalogs, and I think I may soon be writing on red poppy notes and affixing the pretty broach below to my black peacoat. It’s time for spring, don’t you think?

Top row from left: kate spade poppy note cards from Crane & Co.; pillow from Anthropologie; water bottles and mugs from Pottery Barn
Middle row from left: cupcakes via; condiment bowls from Anthropologie; Claus Porto red poppy bath soap via Saks
Bottom row from left: dress from J.Crew; broach from Etsy seller vaivanat; cake via Martha Stewart; skirt via British Vogue

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