Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Save-the-Date Part I

It took us quite a while to decide what to do for save-the-date cards. There are so many cute options out there, from fun to formal. Vintage post cards were considered, as were photos. But when I stumbled upon Laura Hooper's whimsical maps, I knew I had found the perfect thing.

Throughout the wedding planning process, I've learned that if you wait and research long enough, the right idea will come. I showed map examples to Mr. Bliss and he was sold. In addition to using the map as part of the save-the-date we are looking forward to having one matted and framed to hang at home.

I called Laura, who is such a gracious and talented gal, and we started immediately planning the map together. Mr. Bliss and I wanted the map to show our guests just what we loved about our Lake Placid wedding location. For Mr. Bliss this meant showcasing the river that he has spent many summers fly-fishing with his brother in, as well as the local Pub & Brewery which makes award-winning microbrews. I love walking down Main Street Lake Placid with its boutiques and quaint candy shops, and Mr. Bliss and I spent a day on Whiteface Mountain early in our relationship so both of those were my choice to be highlighted. We shared the important wedding locations with Laura and a week later, this delightful file was in my inbox:

We couldn't be happier with the map. Stay tuned for Part II: how we incorporated the map into the save-the-date.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Letters You Keep

On a shelf in my childhood bedroom there is a box full of letters. Letters from my mom and dad written to me at camp, letters from Mr. Bliss in those early dating days, an acceptance letter welcoming me into the university program that I so coveted admittance to, letters from my college girlfriends sent during summers spent at home. There is a beautiful letter that my parents wrote to me on the occasion of my college graduation that I will always treasure and that will, most likely, make me cry every single time I read it.

I have a new flock of letters to add to that box. The only problem is, I can't bring myself to tuck them away just yet. Being engaged is a wonderful thing. And my advice to the newly engaged is this: before the wedding planning has really begun, before you are dealing with logistics and budgets and checklists, enjoy those first two weeks when you are smiling non-stop and staring at your finger and dreaming about the life that you are about to build with your fiancee.

During those weeks, your mailbox will be full of lovely cards with heartfelt messages of congratulations and affection inside. They will come from likely sources - your favorite aunt, your best friends - and they will come from unlikely sources - friends you've lost touched with, former co-workers who've heard the news. Neighbors may bring you over a basket of cheese and wine to enjoy together, champagne will be gifted upon you, future bridesmaids will send you flowers and you may receive a distinct blue box in the mail that will catch you by surprise and make you smile as you think "this is the crystal bowl that will always remind me of this ridiculously happy time."

These are the letters and notes that I have kept for the past six months, and I can't bear to put away just yet.

Crane is holding a contest throughout the month of April (9 more days left!) celebrating the letters that we save and cherish throughout our lives. Tell your story here: and you could win $500 towards a Crane stationery wardrobe.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Game of Tag

I've been tagged by Jessica Lynn of Tying the Knot. I stumbled across her blog at the very beginning of her wedding planning and it's been fun reading how everything is taking shape.
So the rules are that I list six unimportant facts about myself. Here it goes:

1. I l-o-v-e Anne of Green Gables. Have all the books and love the movies too. We're kindred spirits, Anne and I.

2. I recently rode in an elevator with Ms. Martha Stewart herself!

3. A typical breakfast for me =
+ fruit + coffee (I've been eating bran flakes for breakfast since college)

4. I have an orchid blooming twice for the first time ever! My orchids typically last for one bloom before they dry out and get recycled. Don't ask me for tips, because I pretty much ignored it until I noticed that it was blooming again.

5. I was in a Nickelodeon commercial when I was younger.

6. Some days I wish I were in Stars Hollow meeting Lorelai and Rory at Luke's diner for some witty banter.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Well our Save-the-Dates are in the trusty hands of the United States Postal Service now. I made sure to send one to my parents a few days before the rest of the family would receive theirs. My dad's response? "I got something in the mail today reminding me when you're getting married! Did ya think I'd forget the date?" You've got to love a father's reaction to all of the wedding planning details.

And when it comes to details, I can find a lot to obsess over. So when it came time to stamp the save-the-dates, the Liberty Bell stamp just wasn't what I was looking for (could be cute for a Philly wedding, though).

I was delighted to find these at my local Post Office (was not so delighted to spend my entire lunch break waiting in line to buy them):

Our wedding is in a quaint Adirondack lake town. A town where one of the main attractions is taking boat tours to view the great Adirondack camps, like this:

I thought the stamps were perfect. I'm thinking about finding some great vintage stamps for our invitations, but I'm not so sure I'm up to the task of collecting them. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Save the Dates Are In!

I received a special delivery at work yesterday! Nestled in that blue box are 100 save-the-date cards. So exciting! I'm sorry you won't be able to see them until they have made their way across the country to our friends' and families' mailboxes, which should be sometime next week.

We spent last night in assembly mode - we are adding a little DIY flair to the save-the-dates, involving ribbon and glue dots. It was a fun way to pass the time while watching Idol. Jason Castro was our hands-down fave last night, during "songs that inspire" week. In fact, I think that Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" would make a beautiful mother/son dance. Check it out here:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Please Save the Date (and tell your significant other to save it too)

I am in the process of working on my save-the-dates, which I absolutely cannot wait to blog about. They are whimsical and fun and will hopefully set the tone for a wonderful weekend. As soon as I receive the final file, I promise that you’ll see them!

In the meantime, Mr. Bliss and I are trying to figure out Save the Date etiquette. Our immediate guest list of family and friends is settled and we know which friends will be receiving the “plus one” invitation. For our friends currently dating someone seriously, we have made an effort to include the significant other’s full name on “the list.” I can tell you, when you’ve been in a relationship for years, it is really annoying to receive an invitation to the wedding of someone you’ve spent time with and be referred to as “guest!”

The issue for us is how to address our friends who are simply dating. In most cases, we would like to extend the option for them to invite a guest – we just don’t know who exactly it may be. Typically, the ”bring a guest” option is on the inner envelope of the invitation. However, I’m a planner by nature – and if I were planning to attend a wedding on a holiday weekend in the summer, and my destination was far from home, I would like to know if I’d be travelling alone or with a companion. Should we address our save-the-dates to Mr. Nice Guy and Guest? Or just spread the word by phone that a guest is welcome? What are you doing?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008