Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Little Things

Becca, my dear friend and lovely maid of honor, has always been a master of the little things. Get a new puppy? She’ll bring him a package of toys and treats. It’s Sister Day? She’ll send you a note to say you’re like a sister to her.

My girlfriends and I all traveled to NYC this fall to support Becca as she ran the marathon, and before I had even unpacked my suitcase upon my return home, she had already sent me a thank-you note and a photo of all of us at the race. I have already received at least four engagement-themed cards and packages from her, each one designed to make my day.

But this time she outdid herself. She sent a letter to my mother. Telling her how much she was looking forward to the wedding. How she had just visited me and Mr. Bliss for New Year’s and what a great couple we are. How she is so excited to be my maid of honor and has already started planning.

It made my mom smile, and me too, when she called me to tell me about it.

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