Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back When I Was a Bachelorette..

So we're going to rewind the blog a little bit, back to the beginning of the summer (I told you I was late posting about a few things!).

I had a wonderful bridal shower in my hometown, surrounded by my family and Mr. Bliss' family, given by two of my bridesmaids - my cousin and Mr. Bliss' sister. The rest of my bridesmaids (the girlfriends mentioned in the Martha post) were busy planning a bachelorette party to be held two weeks after the family shower.

The party was in Washington, D.C., home of my maid of honor Becca. I flew in a little earlier (along with Jenn) and the three of us enjoyed an afternoon of shopping around Georgetown, making a stop at bluemercury so I could buy my wedding makeup and enjoying a long lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. During the evening we eagerly awaited the arrival of the rest of the girls and once we were all reunited we enjoyed an evening of pizza, wine and catching up.

girl time!

The next day started with bagels and mimosas (what more could a girl ask for, really?) and then a knock at the door. The girls had arranged for a visit from Nail Taxi, a mobile nail boutique in metro areas (and genius idea!). We were able to lounge around and eat breakfast while getting manicures and pedicures - it was the perfect morning!

a great morning!

off to more fun afternoon activities...

I was told we had dinner reservations to get ready for when evening came. We got all dressed up and Christa and Emily tucked me into a taxi with them and then proceeded to blindfold me! At this point I was wondering where the heck we were going (as I heard them whisper to the taxi driver). After we got out of the taxi and walked up to the "restaurant" (with an elevator ride in there too), the blindfold came off and I was standing in front of door with a pretty sash displaying photos of my growing up. We were at Becca's apartment at a surprise bridal shower for me!

once the girls heard that i had a white dress for the weekend, they all packed black dresses. i had no idea!

so surprised!

becca had asked mama bliss to send photos of me growing up as well as photos of me and mr. bliss. they were all over the apartment!

I think I've mentioned before that Becca is a party planner by trade (and by nature). Check out all of the adorable details she put into the party.

cute take-out boxes full of my favorite thai food. becca's sister owns chartreuse and lent her design talents for the takeout boxes and invitations.

blueberry martinis for "something blue." we loved the rock candy stirrers.

yup, that's a big poster of me and the wall. becca had kinko's blow up a photo of me from college. underneath the poster is a table full of my favorite candy (junior mints and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!).

christa made a beautiful fondant cake (on a work-night no less!!).

can you believe this is the first time she had worked with fondant?

i couldn't! no wonder she said she was tired yesterday!
i think at this point i was in tears, feeling so darn lucky and loved. cheers!
then I got crowned - no crazy bachelorette paraphernalia (thank goodness!).

becca had put together a little bride & groom quiz. she had emailed mr. bliss with a list of questions earlier.
becca checking mr. bliss' responses. he had some really sweet answers to some of the questions.
traditional bridal shower fun. how cute is this pot from mackenzie-childs? if i had to describe a "ms. bliss" pot - this would be it. love the yellow polka dots! thanks, jenn!

a few more toasts and we were off for a night of dancing!
We had been calling this The Summer of Love (with two weddings in our group of friends this summer) and it certainly delivered! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend spent with the most thoughtful and fun girls.
Stay tuned for lots of wedding projects, including what I got these fabulous girls as bridesmaid gifts...


Anne said...

What a fun bachelorette party! I just adore the rock candy stirrers for the blueberry martinis. I want the recipe!

Thanks for sharing your planning ideas. So much fun to read.


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