Monday, August 4, 2008

Lessons in Calligraphy: Part III

So here is my last post on calligraphy, then we can get on to the invitations!

If you are working with a calligrapher, you'll be sending her your invitation list as well as your box of envelopes (be sure to include extras!). Do not underestimate the time it will take to get this list together! You'll think, "I already have my guest list, it's been made for months." However, in addition to names and addresses, you will need formal titles as well direction for the inner envelopes (if you are having them) for the calligrapher. It is best to be as specific as possible.

I consulted the Blue Book for most of my questions. There is also great information to be found here.

Here are the rules that I used the most when making my list...

Married Couple
Outside Envelope
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruise
Inside Envelope
Mr. and Mrs. Cruise
With Children Under the Age of 18 (if you are inviting children)
Mr. and Mrs. Cruise

Unmarried Couple Living Together
Outside Envelope
Ms. Angelina Jolie
Mr. Brad Pitt
Inside Envelope
Ms. Jolie
Mr. Pitt

Single Person Invited with a Guest
Outside Envelope
Ms. Cameron Diaz
Inside Envelope
Ms. Diaz and Guest
You will run into all sorts of situations when you making your list, whether it be addressing a doctor, a judge or a married woman who has kept her maiden name. I recommend having a reference book on hand and a lot of patience!

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Love the celebrity examples!