Friday, June 20, 2008


Wedding blogs tempt me daily with photos of beautiful candy and cookie bars at weddings. Here are just a few that you will have you craving sugary sweets in pretty canisters.

And while I'm known for my love of all things sweet, I just wasn't into creating a candy/cookie bar for my own wedding.

Until a few days ago.

Mr. Bliss and I were talking about camping (we sadly have no time to go this summer). Camping, of course, led me to think about s'mores. S'mores! A favorite childhood treat. So fun and simple. And a perfect complement to our Adirondack wedding venue. So we are planning on treating our guests to a s'mores bar at the wedding, similar to the one below featured on the Knot.


Crane said...


Hailey said...

that is SUCH a good idea...i might have to borrow your idea!!!! they are my favorite and i didnt even think of using them! how would you do the fire?

Rebecca said...

I think that is the best idea! I think it will be perfect for you and Mr. Bliss!

Miss Perfect Peach Princess said...

Smores bar! Excellent. MY FH isn't much of a chocolate guy, but at the last wedding we attended, he got to try the chocolate fountain... so now that is a "must" on his list... I'm contemplating a cereal/donut bar towards teh end of the night to celebrate my FH's insatiable cravings for midnight cerela or donuts!~!!

Eryn said...

I love this idea and I am planning on having a s'more bar at my outdoor reception in May. Where did you find the fire to roast the marshmellows? I can only find small fire bowls with Sterno, but I love the way the long line of fire looks on your s'more bar. Did you have it made or did you buy it from somewhere?