Thursday, June 12, 2008

Accoutrements - Check!

After another late night phone call with Christa, we both decided it was time to start really checking things off our lists. No more browsing, thinking about it, shopping around - we have weddings to plan and a summer to enjoy! To that end, I had a very successful online shopping spree last night.

dancing shoes from

satin clutch from

pretty dangly earrings from

The only other thing left on my accessory list is a flower for my hair. I'm planning on hanging up my veil after the ceremony and have always, always loved photos of brides with a beautiful flower tucked into their hair.

I can't decide if I should work with my florist to get a real flower or buy a beautiful flower from etsy seller Mikiye Creations.

Miss Tiramisu from WeddingBee recently posted about buying a Mikiye peony for her wedding. No worries about wilting edges, a forgotten flower or delicate petals falling to the dance floor. But is the same if the flower doesn't smell? I'll give myself until the end of the week to decide on this one!


jessica lynn said...

just wanted to stop in and say thanks for the sweet comments you left on my blog about the passing of my father.
did you really buy all of this stuff in 1 night?! wow!! it must feel good to get all of that off your to-do list!!

jessica lynn said...

love the clutch and the earrings!

littlewinterbride said...

a fresh flower is so so so beautiful and romantic in the hair. If you are worried about it wilting or going brown, ask your florist to make you 2.

perfect bound said...

love that j.crew clutch. I think I am buying three for my bridesmaids (in blue!)