Monday, December 8, 2008

One of My Favorite Pretty Little Details

Cocktail Flags!

We provided our venue with yellow cocktail flags to serve in our signature passed drinks during cocktail hour. For signature drinks, we chose a "Bride's Favorite" and "Groom's Favorite." One was a lemonade and vodka cocktail and the other was a local microbrew. I bet you can't guess which was the groom's choice!

Now I wish I would have taken photos of how I made the cocktail flags to share with you readers. Sorry! I will tell you this - with very little cost (and definitely more effort) we were able to make these ourselves and I thought that they were definitely a detail at the wedding that did not go unnoticed. It was so fun to walk around cocktail hour and see people walking around with them.

To make them, I used yellow paper that I printed at home and cut with a paper cutter, double-sided adhesive and the bamboo sticks that you use for skewers. One thing to remember: call your venue and ask which glasses they will be using for passed cocktails so you know what length the flags need to be. Mr. Bliss was quite the trooper cutting 200+ flags to two different lengths!

Yes, the boys enjoyed the cocktail flags too!


Anonymous said...

Did all the flags say the same thing?

Ms. Bliss said...

Hi Anon,

There were 2 different flag versions. One said "I do!" and the other said "oh happy day!"