Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Early Bird...Gets a Little Sleepy at 3pm

This is the time that I woke up today for fitness bootcamp.

And this is the "contract" that I signed during enrollment.

I enrolled for a 3 week/3 days per week commitment. Most of the women in the camp are returnees and vouch for the fact that it can be entirely addicting. I feel great this morning and it's really nice to to be outside so early on a calm summer day, but I have a feeling that when August is here and I am down to the last-minute wedding to-do list, I will appreciate less crunches and more sleep.

p.s. there's a pretty obvious honeymoon clue in the first photo!


Alexandra said...

I see you have "Reading Lolita in Tehran" in your book pile. Looove that book. Good luck with the boot camp.

Rebecca said...

I LOVE that you are going to boot camp!!!!!! WAY TO GO ms. Bliss! Maybe I can get you to run 26.2 with me some year!;)